Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Just had medical exam for life insurance

Now I'm an insurance agent by trade, and should know better, but I let some insurance lapse. Long story short I decided to "stock up" on some more.

Of course, when the medical guy comes to take my blood pressure, and blood samples etc my dog decides to escape through the front door, followed by a session of anguished crying from my kids who now think Buster is going to die.

I say let the little bugger get run over, and carry on with the medical (and truth be told my wife has already quietly and quickly gone in search of him).

Anyway: I'm all hooked up to a blood-pressure monitor while answering questions about my health, and my angelic daughter brings me the phone  - a neighbour lady and her daughters have found Buster. Buster likes women, he always goes to them and they like him: the ingratiating little mutt!

Meanwhile my two sons have a spat over who's turn it is on the computer, while the medic tells me how he just lost a friend aged 42 from Cancer, and how important life insurance is.

Long story short - blood pressure normal and resting pulse of 58.

Not bad for an middle-aged curmudgeon in the middle of typical family chaos!

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