Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Why such a large universe?

Apparently scientists reckon the Universe is 28 billion light years across. Which, to put it mildly, is huge!

If there is a creator god who created both the universe and this little planet, and all the billions of little tiny people on it, and loves each one of them, and can count every hair on their heads why did he make the universe so big? I mean just one solar system would have been enough to contain us.

However, if there is a God, and if this God is powerful enough to create a universe 28 billion light years across, and this all-powerful being sends His only Son, who is Fully God, to become fully man as one of us, in order to die and redeem us, well....  that doesn't make sense either.

Unless His love is in-expressively and unimaginably generous.

Which is the bigger miracle: sending His own Son to die, or creating an immense Universe?

I would say that sending His own Son is the bigger miracle.

And the awesome size and beauty of the universe is a signifier of that generosity.

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