Sunday, 6 May 2012

Triumphguy is a FAT family man etc etc...

It's time to lose weight!

Major weight. I weigh about 297lbs and should get down to about 210lb to be fit.

Last year I lost 30lbs but have come back by about 5-7lbs (to the 297).

I'm going to lose another 30lbs, and you guys and gals are going to help me, just by being witnesses.

Question: Should I post "before" pics? (eww!)

Here's a good vid to get me started:


  1. wow, loved that video, I'm struggling with middle age blubber and need to shift three sizes which because I am tiny looks like much more, I don't need to diet I just need to start exercising which is my stumbling block.
    I wouldn't post before pics until I had an after to be pleased about it would be too much like beating myself up.

  2. It's a great video - but I'll do everyone a fvor and not post any "candid" before shots!

  3. Of course that should be favor - apparently I'm cutting back already!