Thursday, 17 January 2013

Forks Over Knives

I was recommended the documentary Forks Over Knives by someone on the Catholic Answers Forum (Thanks 4elise)

I only got through 1/2 of the Forks and Knives last night, and I have to say I was literally blown away. I wish I had seen this 20 years ago.

I want to ask - if this medical knowledge was so obvious and so well tested how come there hasn't been an absolute tidal wave of dietary change in the western world?

However, I know the answer: people love their salty meat, and big business wants to make money (either by feeding them or medicating them).

The fact that you can eat yourself healthy seems crazy (crazy good that is) to me, because I always saw food as the enemy, and one that had beaten me.

I've been on so many mad diets - Atkins, Stop the Insanity etc, but my weight has always trended upwards.

My hope and my prayer is that finally I can become well again, and be around for my wife and kids.

I'm in my 50s with young kids - and I want to be a "young" dad for them.

BTW when I was in formation with the Franciscans back in the 80's I was vegetarian for a few years out of solidarity with the poor in the 3rd world, so I know I can do it.  I just didn't realize that the peasant diet (too poor to eat much meat, but lots of beans and veggies) is the best diet!

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