Friday, 18 January 2013

What have I learned so far?

1. I feel better on this diet. I'm no longer so sluggish in the mornings.  I seem to be sleeping better. There's no heartburn or hemorrhoids. I don't feel so stretched and bloated.  I seem to have more energy.

2. It does take more effort and conscious thought to prepare my food.  But I'm AM taking the time and effort and it doesn't seem too burdensome.

3. I do get sick of drinking stuff that looks like it's been hosed off the underside of my lawn mower!
However, a little ginger, paprika, garlic etc helps spice it up. In my opinion DON'T put turmeric in it.  It's far too bitter.  I love it in curries, but not my green sludge drinks!

4. I'm losing weight. It was faster at first, but it's still happening.

5. I'm not going to focus on losing weight. There's a ton of other bonuses to changing my diet and weight is just the natural conclusion.

6. Two "movies" moved me. "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," and "Forks Over Knives."  FSND was a personal account of an obese millionaire businessman and a morbidly obese trucker he meets in Winslow Arizona and subsequently helps.  Both their lives change, but the truckers change was far more moving, since he was just an ordinary guy suffering (literally) under a heavy load, and a burden of sickness and depression.

The second movie, Forks Over Knives wasn't as moving, but was a very convincing documentary on the underpinnings of the whole food revolution. Very convincing - and made me angry.

I was actually angry at both sides of the debate.  The veggies for their tactics which have often failed to convince me in the past, and which have just as often turned me away; and the food industry for perpetuating a sick diet.  I should have known this stuff 50 lbs ago, when I was only 30 lbs overweight!

7. I know I want my kids to benefit from my knowledge. Our families diet is about to change radically. We love ham and bean soups, slow cooked stews, roast lamb, roast chicken, and home made pizza so that's going to be sad -really sad.  So we're going to have to learn some new favourites!

8. Finally - for now! I know I can do this.  I can go from a high of 326 to 210 lbs! I can do it and I can live longer, happier and healthier.  I'm already planning birthday and Christmas menus so that our family can feast  without feeling they have given anything up.

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