Thursday, 10 January 2013


So that was an interesting 3 months.

School has been an adjustment - though I enjoy teaching and the kids.  Getting up and actually going to work is tough though!  I've been used to being self employed for the last 12 years!

I have some great kids in my TA (homeroom) - they've been through all kinds of turmoil, and are definitely far from perfect but they are open in a way many kids their age are not.

I have some aboriginal kids who have been in "conflict with the law", kids busted for drugs, and others who are chronic absentees, but we're building a good sense of team in the TA.

Teaching religion has been fun too. Most of the kids are uncatechized - almost "godless heathens" many of them!  But I figure that no matter what the curriculum my job is to tell them the following:

You were created good by a good God.
You are loved.
You are made for eternity - in fact you are already eternal and this life is transitory.

As long as they hear that on a daily basis I reckon I've done my job.  One day, in the far distant future, close to death one of them (more hopefully) will remember that they are loved by God.

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