Thursday, 10 January 2013

Losing weight!

Well I was a naughty boy over Christmas!

Turkey, pie, cookies, duck, lamb, roasted potatoes, cake, panini, minced tarts, wine, scotch, and brandy all contributed to me going over 300lb again.

But did I ever have a good time cooking, eating, and feeding family.

The duck was a bit of a waste of time though, but the lamb was a hit.

Anyway - I want to lose, need to lose a ton of weight.  I watched Vegucated on Netlflix and it kinda got me interested in going vegetarian, but then I came across the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead."  this follows the story of Joe an Auzzie businessman who "looks like I ate a sheep" and has an autoimmune condition and needs to lose approximately 70 pounds. He decides to "juice" his way across America.

Juicing is a way to condense a ton of veggie nutrition into an easy to drink format.  And it worked for Joe while he was on his TransAmerican journey. On his trip he met Phil Staples a morbidly obese truck driver who looked like he just wanted to give up and die.  Phil asked for help, and to his credit Joe helped him - got him on the diet, and got him proper medical supervision. It;s no exaggeration to say that Phil changed his life while losing the weight - and lose it he did, about 200lbs of it!

So: I'm on a similar diet. I'm not juicing - I don't personally buy into the fasting thing - but I am blending a ton of veggies every day and consuming it (I say consuming because it's neither drinking nor eating really). I've lost 6lbs this week and feel really alert, less sluggish, and I'm actually sleeping better.

I've also got to say that I find this kind of meal replacement easy, 'cos I spice the drink up with ginger and hot pepper and it's filling.

So I started out the week |(Monday January 7th) at 305lbs.
I'm now 297lbs.

I suppose I should post a pic of what I look like right now.
A bit like a gorilla on a tricycle!

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