Friday, 11 January 2013

Losing weight!!!

Lost 2lbs yesterday!

Now I know that you are only "supposed" to lose 2lbs a week if it is to be sustainable.

However, I find it easier to stick to a "strict"diet like this, than a diet which closely resembles my normal one, except with "less" on the plate.

The making of the meals is a kind of discipline, 'cos it takes deliberate preparation.

So far I have dropped from 305 to 295 -that's 10 lbs and I feel much better already.

It;s weird that when you are at 295 lbs but on the way up you feel like crap, but at 295 lbs and on the way down you feel great!

I don't look any different yet, but even carrying round an extra 10 lbs is tiresome.

I hesitate to add some of the details, but if you are obese like me you may want to know some of these things  - if not then don't read!:

My ankles are less swollen at night now, and I am peeing more like a garden hose than a leaky faucet!
My number twos are more satisfying - less hard, less stinky, and more "full."
I am more alert when I wake up - which is good because I say the Morning Office right away with my wife.
I'm not as tired mid afternoon, and I don't have the raging need for snacks.


  1. When you have a lot of weight to lose it will come off very quickly at first. Most of it is water weight. Once that stabilizes then you will begin losing stored fat reserves. I have lost 50 pounds in four months so far on the South Beach Diet. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks. I expect a lot of it is water right now, but even that makes me feel better!