Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Catholic Church is not for respectable people

The Telegraph's article on Hilary Mantel's assertion that the "Catholic Church is not for respectable people

And the Grauniad's article on the same topic.
I'd rather be Catholic than respectable
 I'm surprised by this one since it is pro-Catholic - the Guardian is usually fashionably anti-Catholic.

Whoever Hilary Mantel is - a writer of some renown: she won a Booker Prize apparently - she stumbles on a deep truth.

The Catholic Church truly is not for respectable people, since it's a Church that impels and finally compels it's members to be counter-cultural in a sense far deeper than the "Occupy" movement..

Because I'm a Catholic I've made life choices that go directly against the mainstream and therefore against respectability.

Besides: wasn't it the respectable people that crucified Our Lord?

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